Oncology Department

ntegrated care and support for the oncology patient.

The Clinic

MITERA Hospital’s Oncology Clinic is staffed with physicians specialized in oncology and internal medicine, and is assisted by doctors of other specialties, psychologists and dieticians.

It is equipped with the latest technology, while its highly trained medical, nursing and administrative staff offer comprehensive healthcare and support to oncological patients and their families.  The Clinic aims at providing immediate diagnosis, suitable treatment, detailed monitoring and proper re-evaluation of the course of the disease. Diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and palliative care for all types of neoplasms, such as sarcomas, carcinomas and other tumors, are performed with the aid of state-of-the-art systems and techniques (CT scanner, MRI scanner, Nuclear Medicine). The Clinic also works closely with the Radiotherapy Department, offering patients the possibility of receiving treatment (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapies) as well as adjuvant radiotherapy, wherever deemed necessary.

With the aim of providing an optimal treatment approach, the Clinic offers patients the option of participating in international research projects and having direct access to innovative treatment methods.