We create together

The Assisted Reproduction Unit has been operating within MITERA Hospital since 1994, under strict guidelines adopted by top IVF units in Europe and the USA. Conveniently located within the largest maternity and gynecological hospital in Greece, the Unit offers maximum safety conditions and high pregnancy rates. The Unit is EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 15224 certified.

In 2018, MITERA partnered with Institute of Life, ushering in a new era and establishing the LIFE MITERA – Assisted Reproduction Unit, which operates within renovated, modern and spacious facilities at MITERA Hospital. It features a cutting-edge Embryology Lab that applies advanced techniques, ensuring top conditions for embryo culture.

LIFE MITERA is staffed with leading qualified doctors and clinical embryologists, as well as experienced professionals from the fields of nutrition, mental health and nursing care.

Through our collaboration with Embryotools – an internationally recognized consulting firm with superior technical know-how and long experience in creating ideal lab conditions – we were able to perfect our quality management system. Assisted by Dr Gloria Calderón, Director of Embryotools and one of the leading embryologists worldwide, and Nuno Costa-Borges, a pioneer in developing various lab techniques, we are fully prepared to offer superior services to couples that rely on us to make their dreams come true.