General Information

For Visitors 

MITERA’s primary care is to serve its inpatients and ensure their comfort, privacy and quick recovery. For that reason, we urge visitors not to abuse rules and regulations of the MITERA Children’s Hospital, particularly visiting hours.

Read more about protective measures and visiting hours here

Internet & Fax Services

Wi-Fi internet connection is available throughout MITERA Hospital. If you wish to send a fax, please contact your Ward Supervisor.

Charging Stations

Special floor-stand charging stations for mobile phones and other digital devices you may use during you stay.


There is a Eurobank branch as well as ATMs on the ground level. The ATMs are connected to the DIAS interbanking system and offer the possibility of withdrawals and deposits 24/7.


In MITERA Obstetrics Clinic works internal service of photographing infants either with their parents or alone in their cradle, thus the interested couples can create a photo album of their child’s first moments.  For further information the interested parents can call 210 6869000, or address to the secretary of the hospitalization floor.


  • Bank & ATM (1st floor – reception)
    A bank branch is located on the ground level of the Hospital. The ATM is connected to interbank networks, allowing you to withdraw or deposit cash 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Café Restaurant – Bar (1st floor – reception)
    It is open 24/7. The restaurant offers a menu with a wide variety of meals and beverages
  • Clothing Shop (1st floor – reception)
    It is located at the Ground Floor, behind the Reception Desk, offering baby accessories and clothing for the newborn and the mother


A 24-hour private, underground parking garage operates within MITERA Hospital 7 days a week.  The parking has immediate access to the internal elevators of the Hospital, so that the visitor after leaving his/her car can get directly to any part of the clinic s/he wishes.  Contact the parking operator for information on fees on +30 210 6869179.

Visitor Accommodation

If your escort or relative requires hotel accommodation during your stay at HYGEIA Hospital, we have established partnerships with hotels in the area, which offer discount rates to patients and their relatives. For further information, please contact Reception & Patient Services.


A chapel is located on the MITERA Hospital premises, next to the Security Guardroom, for anyone wishing to pray. As with all places of worship, utter respect for the premises is imperative. Religious ceremonies may be performed within the chapel after obtaining a permit from the Holy Diocese of Attica.

Getting to MITERA

MITERA Hospital is located at 6 Erythrou Stavrou Street in Marousi and may be accessed by taxi, car or bus. It is situated at a short distance from the Marousi Train Station and there is a bus stop (Hygeia) conveniently located on Kifisias Avenue, serving many bus lines.

The following buses stop on Kifisias Avenue:
550_P. Faliro-Kifisia
E14_Syntagma-Education Ministry-Olympic Stadium (express)
010_Local Public Transport_Marousi-N. Filothei

Smoking is prohibited in all MITERA Hospital areas, based on provisions.