The ever-growing needs for even more comprehensive healthcare services require ongoing education and training for the medical, nursing and administrative staff. Dissemination of knowledge within the company is of vital importance. To this end, MITERA encourages the professional development of its staff, by investing in their ongoing training.

Consequently, MITERA Hospital values education and offers well-rounded training programs both within and outside the Hospital. The programs aim at disseminating the Hospital’s vision and mission, and offering lifelong professional development to its executives and employees, while consistently adhering to the Hospital’s strategic aims.

In this context, the Training and Human Resources Development Department designs, organizes and assesses each individual training program conducted at the Hospital.

Training Programs

The Hospital implements the following training programs:

  • Nursing Programs
  • Administrative Programs
  • IT Programs
  • Medical Programs
  • Tenders for MITERA Postgraduate Internship Training Program Seminars

Postgraduate Programs

MITERA funds specialization postgraduate programs for its employees and actively supports their efforts towards professional development and recognition.

Language Learning

MITERA considers foreign languages a necessary qualification for its employees, as they offer professional knowledge and career advancement opportunities. To this end, it funds part of their language course fees.

External Student Training at MITERA

MITERA offers university and vocational-training students the opportunity to conduct their internship in healthcare-related fields within the Hospital.

Postgraduate internship program seminars

As part of its effort to offer top medical services as well as serve research and education, MITERA has introduced Postgraduate Internship Program Seminars on major medical issues. The seminars aim at training new physicians on new minimally invasive surgical techniques and innovative approaches for individual medical specialties.

Scientific Library

The MITERA Hospital Scientific Library is equipped with contemporary Greek and Foreign scientific literature and it is at the disposal of the Medical and Nursing Personnel and their scientific partners. Mitera is also subscribed at the UpToDate medical database.  Namely some of the magazines placed to the Library shelves every month are American Journal of Obst. & Gynaecology, Anaesthesia-Analgesia, Archives of Disease in Childhood, Clinical Obst & Gynaecology, Fertility & Sterility, Human Reproduction, Journal of Paediatric Surgery, Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Clinical Genetics, Prenatal Diagnosis, The Lancet.