Your Admission

For your admission, please bring with you:

  • Personal items and clothes you will need during your stay at the Maternity Hospital (nightgown, bathrobe, etc.)
  • Clothes you will need for your baby upon discharge
  • Infant car seat for safe transportation
  • Copy of marriage certificate (of the last 6 months)
  • Valid ID or passport
  • Your social insurance booklet
  • Your husband’s social insurance booklet (if the baby is to be registered in the father’s insurance fund)
  • Insurance policy or any other proof of private health insurance

Admission Procedure

Scheduled or emergency admissions take place through Maternity Admissions on Level  Ο. The Patient Admissions staff will handle the admission procedure and will ask you for:

  1. Your personal details to issue your admission form, which has to be signed by you.
  2. The room type you prefer.

Read more about our facilities here.

Upon admission, you will be given the Hygeia Card with your name and personal code number on it.