Hemodialysis Unit

The MITERA Hemodialysis Unit has been operating since July 2015. Housed in ultra modern facilities within MITERA Hospital, it offers treatment to both inpatients and outpatients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who require hemodialysis.

The Unit

A fundamental priority for MITERA Hospital in all the years it has been operating has been to offer top-level services, in line with the strictest standards.

To this end, the new Hemodialysis Unit is supported by:

  • Distinguished nephrology specialists
  • Qualified nurses with experience on hemodialysis treatments, as well as well-rounded knowledge and understanding of the clinical, psychological and social needs of patients with chronic conditions
  • A cardiologist with long experience in kidney disease who monitors the Unit patients on a permanent basis
  • A team of vascular surgeons with extensive experience and hands-on practice on vascular access techniques (grafts, fistulas, central venous catheters)
  • A dietitian specializing on the dietary requirements of patients undergoing hemodialysis
  • A psychologist with valuable experience on the problems encountered by chronically ill patients

Additionally, the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities of MITERA Hospital are available to the Hemodialysis Unit for any needs that may arise, even emergencies, offering:

  • Pathology labs, imaging labs equipped with MRI and CT scanners, ultrasound department, operating rooms and ICU, all ISO-certified
  • On-call physicians covering all medical specialties
  • Contact with other hemodialysis units in Greece and abroad so as to facilitate the transfer of its patients if the need arises

At the MITERA Hemodialysis Unit, we are deeply aware of the difficulties associated with hemodialysis treatment. With hard work and by remaining true to our vision, we aspire to make a difference for the benefit of our patients. We hope to become a Unit of choice, by working closely with and fully supporting our patients and their families.


The state-of-the-art MITERA Hemodialysis Unit is equipped with 15 dialysis machines and can serve up to 90 patients in full capacity. It is located on the 4th floor of the Hospital and is fully accessible to people with disabilities. It is equipped with special dialysis chairs that are operated by an electronic control unit and have been designed to offer maximum patient comfort, as well as easy adjustments in case of emergencies. However, beds are also available at the request of patients. Furthermore, free parking is available at the MITERA underground car park.

The amenities available to patients include:

  • Individual oxygen supply system
  • TV, radio and phone
  • Meal, snack or soft drink

During their hemodialysis session, patients are monitored by the Unit’s medical and nursing staff, who are fit to handle any issue that may arise.

The MITERA Hemodialysis Unit also operates a Yellow Unit for the treatment of patients with HBV. Furthermore, it is equipped with a continuous flow deionized water system.

Special care is taken to ensure optimal hygienic conditions and absolute safety for hospitalized patients:

  • Isolated chamber for HIV positive patients
  • Continuous cleaning and disinfection of all Unit areas
  • Sterilization of the equipment after each shift
  • Daily checking and online monitoring of the water processing system

The Unit is also affiliated with the National Organization for Healthcare (EOPYY), which can cover the treatments performed.

Hospital/Unit Coordination

The fundamental advantage of the Hemodialysis Unit is that it operates within a large, organized Hospital, with physicians of all medical specialties on call in the event of emergencies.

Additionally, hemodialysis may also be performed in cases of acute renal failure for patients hospitalized for other reasons (e.g. orthopedics, cardiology).

All types of hemodialysis are performed at the MITERA Hemodialysis Unit. 

Infrastructure & Equipment

  • 14 FRESENIUS 5008S hemodialysis therapy systems (this is the latest model by the leading dialysis machine manufacturer worldwide, offering the option of online hemodialysis, absolute patient safety and 100% effective treatment, with calculation of the Kt/V treatment adequacy index)
  • Hemodialysis supplies (filters, solutions, needles, etc) which meet the highest quality and safety standards
  • Cardiology monitors, ECG, blood gas monitors, aspirators, oximeters, oxygen supply, blood pressure monitors and a fully-equipped crash cart complete with defibrillator

The Hospital also implements the internationally recognized Code Blue system, whereby a special medical & nursing team – made up of a cardiologist, an anesthesiologist and an ICU nurse – is activated in the event of a cardiopulmonary arrest.