Congenital Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Departments

A strong medical team guarantees a valid diagnosis and safe treatment of each occurrence.

The Department

Mitera Hospital Congenital Cardiology and Surgery departments are world renowned  for their expert medical and nursing teams, state of the art equipment, excellent interventional and surgical results and their scientific achievements in the field.

The Congenital Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery program of MITERA Hospital, started 10 years ago and is currently the biggest center in Greece for the management of congenital heart disease in children and adults, whilst a large proportion of our patients are referred to us from abroad. Our ultimate goal is to ensure full recovery at the earliest possible stage of childhood and optimum long term results, leading to a normal life.

Both departments are very active in humanitarian and volunteer work with about 60-70 Congenital Heart disease patients being treated with surgical and transcatheter interventions on a charity basis per annum.