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All possible efforts have been achieved for a valid and completely updating of the website in question. Nevertheless, HHG group of companies and / or its suppliers do not represent the appropriateness of both the information included to the texts and the graphics published at the website. Both texts and graphs appear “as existed” including no written guarantee of any type. By the present, HHG group of companies and / or its suppliers disclaim from any guarantees and requirements, related to the said information, including all tacit guarantees and requirements related to the marketability, appropriateness for a certain objective, title and infringement. The user is totally responsible for the access, use and updating. Both MITERA bodies and / or its suppliers are never responsible for a specific, indirect or possible damage or any other damage, due to a loss of any use or data, profit, contract file or a negligence of any wilful act, which may appear from or related to the information use or presentation, provided by the present website.

Both texts and the relevant graphs published at the website may include technical inaccuracies or typing faults. Alterations are periodically made referring to the present information. Always, both HHG group of companies and its suppliers, may proceed to improvements or / and modifications to both products and programs described at the present.
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Both HHG group of companies and / or its suppliers have no responsibility on any special, indirect or possible damage or a damage due to data or profit losses, either related to a contract, as a result of negligence / any wilful act, or the use or application of software, texts or service provision or a lack of services or information offered by the present website.

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By using the corresponding links you may exit from the website of HHG group of companies. All linked websites are not controlled by the company and hence neither a legal entity nor a natural person of HHG group is responsible for neither the content of the linked pages nor the links included to the linked website, nor for any modifications or update of the said websites. It is also not resposible for the transmission either through a network or under any form, received by any linked website. All linked websites are presented to you only for your assistance while their content is not controlled by the company.

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Notification on the company’s trade mark

The products’ trade marks of HHG group of companies included to the present, presented by either font characters or a trade mark, form the trade marks owned by MITERA. Both the companies and products referred to the present may be owners’ trade marks. The use of these trade markes, unless a permission is granted by MITERA, is strictly forbidden and can form an infringement of the law.

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Any network use by you may be recorded. MITERA is free to use this information for statistical reasons in order to guarantee an unhindered use and improvement of its networks. If you do not agree with this specific policy, we ask you not to use this service. Any rights which are not expressly granted by the present, are kept by the law.