Breast Surgery Department (4th)

Together, we form lifelong bonds!

The Department

Our Department is comprised of a team of specialized doctors with extensive experience and deep knowledge concerning breast health issues. 

We welcome you to a contemporary and friendly environment within the MITERA hospital, with a view to forming a lifelong bond. Our main purpose is to care for every individual as a unique case and build a feeling of trust and security. We study, evaluate, guide, co-ordinate and co-operate with other specialists in order to offer a full-rounded and personalized approach for each case. Specialized doctors co-ordinate each stage (check-up, examination, evaluation, therapy, follow up), using state-of-the art technologies within the contemporary environment of the MITERA hospital.

Prevention – Evaluation – Diagnosis

Consistent and tailored screening for every woman forms the basis of our team’s philosophy and approach in order to achieve early diagnosis and effective treatment in the event of breast cancer.

This practice consists of: medical history evaluation, clinical assessment, direct collaboration with the Breast Imaging Department and biopsy –if necessary.

Early diagnosis leads to the most effective treatment. Therefore, regular check-ups are of pivotal importance.


Our department is an exemplary model center for the management and treatment of breast cancer, which is the most common form of malignancy in women. In modern societies it is estimated that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer.

With the experience and knowledge of all modern surgical methods, combined with reconstructive surgery techniques, we can ensure the ideal treatment for each and every patient. Minimal invasive breast and axilla surgery methods, breast preservation-oncoplastic surgery, reconstructive surgery (in collaboration with specialized plastic surgeons), are applied following the latest guidelines.

A key role in the integrated management and treatment of cases is our close cooperation with a multidisciplinary team: Oncology Clinic, Breast Imaging Department, Radiotherapy Center, Pathology Laboratory and Clinical Geneticists. In addition, Specialized Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Nutrition Counselors frame the clinic.

Specialized and experienced doctors, strong collaboration and the advanced technology offered by MITERA Hospital ensure excellent levels of care and effective treatment plans.