Pediatric Floor

At MITERA Children’s Hospital, we strongly believe that a hospital catering for children must speak to them, without evoking fear or negative feelings. We have created a happy place, marked by warm and vivid colors, beautiful murals, soft fabrics, plenty of plush toys and many references to the children’s favorite cartoon characters.  It is a healing environment, both for the body and the soul, which uplifts the children’s spirits and mood. Besides, a positive attitude contributes significantly to the healing process, especially in children.

There is a specially designed play area in the central Children’s Hospital waiting lounge, complete with puppets, toy car tracks, board games and other activities to keep young patients occupied. For those more inclined to reading, the Hospital library has a rich collection of books for all ages.

Hospital Rooms
MITERA Children’s Hospital provides accomodation up to 116 rooms and also offers amenities for parents/guardians who wish to spend the night next to their children. All rooms are equipped with a TV set with access to satellite channels.