Endoscopic treatment of obesity surgery complications

The fact is that a small but significant percentage of patients undergoing obesity surgery will present complications, ranging from early to late. The main complications are leaks, stenoses and fistulas.

The treatment of bariatric surgery complications constitutes a challenge, both for the surgeon and for the gastroenterologist.

The fact is that revision surgeries have an increased risk of serious complications and are best avoided.

Our hospital has long experience in the treatment of bariatric surgery complications in many ways:

  • Balloon dilation of stenoses (water & air distended balloons)
  • Suturing of leaks with the Apollo OverStitch endoscopic suturing system
  • Closure of leak and fistula openings with OTC clips or Apollo
  • Placement of metallic stents in cases of leaks

The end result is that revision surgery is avoided and patient hospitalization is minimized.