Intensive Care Unit Adult

ICU has state-of-the-art equipment and specially trained and educated medical and nursing staff.

The Unit

Τhe Adult Intensive Care Unit was created in order to treat critically ill patients who need specific hospitalization and intensive care, with state-of-the-art equipment and specially trained and educated medical and nursing staff.

Visiting Hours
14:30 - 15:00

The Adult ICU has designed with individual rooms (boxes) for each individual patient in order to preserve each patient’s privacy and to minimize the dispersion infections, while the 24-hour monitoring is much more direct from the ICU staff with continuous recording (monitoring) of the vital functions, both bedside and from a central station.

In the Adult ICU all the new treatment protocols concerning critically ill patients are applied, as they have been developed and published in Global Conferences and the International Bibliography.

In the Adult ICU of MITERA Hospital all the Obstetric, gynecological, cardiological, pulmonary, trauma, vascular, neurosurgical and general surgery incidents are covered, with full support of vital organs using 24-hour monitoring, and 24-hour medical coverage.

Postoperative monitoring of critically ill patients is carried out both in ICU and High Dependency Unit (HDU), depending on the severity of the incident, always with 24-hour monitoring and 24-hour medical coverage.
The ICU is staffed with specially trained physicians in the treatment and hospitalization of critically ill patients and equipped with the most modern medical and technological equipment (devices of hemodiafiltration, plasmapheresis, liver function support apparatus, drug intoxication support, bronchoscopes for the study and biopsies of the tracheobronchial tree, spirometry for the study and monitoring of respiratory function, etc.).

Visitor Instructions

What you need to know before you visit the Adult ICU
We hope that these few words will provide you a better understanding of the way this ICU operates in order to respond better and more effectively to patient’s needs as well as your own. We understand how difficult it is to have a beloved person hospitalized and especially in the ICU due to illness, surgery or trauma. Our aim is to make your stay here as painless as possible.

MITERA Hospital Adult ICU is a highly specialized area which is especially equipped for the treatment of critically ill patients. Our staff handles the most advanced technological equipment to provide an individualized diagnostic and therapeutic plan for each patient. We are specially trained in the areas of gynecological –maternity events, trauma, surgical, pulmonary, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, sepsis and general care of the critically ill patient. Our goal is to combine outstanding services with personal passion for continuous supply to our patients and their families with unmatched dedication and compassion.

The group of health care professionals of the Adult ICU includes specialized doctors, doctors on duty, nursing personnel, physiotherapists, dieticians, and doctors of other specialties who work together to solve the problem that the patient faces with offering the best possible support. As specialists in the field of ICU, we are engaged to provide to every patient quality health services with politeness and extreme care, in our 24/7 effort to maximize the possibilities of life of every patient.

Before entering the ICU:

  1. Ring the bell located outside the ICU door and wait for the shift nurses to respond. Shift nurses will inform you whether the time is appropriate or not to visit the patient or you may be asked to wait for a while in the waiting room.
  2. The reason for this may be an ongoing diagnostic or therapeutic procedure, to the patient you are visiting or another ICU patient.
  3. Even though waiting is not easy in a situation like this, please be assured that a nurse will come to escort you to the patient as soon as possible, while the doctor in the ICU will inform you about the course of the patient’s health.
  4. The first time you visit the patient, an ICU nurse will give you a brief description about the equipment connected to them and the sterilizing procedure of your hands in order to avoid any infections that our hands may cause to the patient.
  5. Upon your entrance into the ICU you have to wear the special apron which protects your front side so that the sheet or the devices connected to the patient don’t come in contact with your clothes for your own safety but mostly for the safety of the patient.
  6. Due to the size of the beds, and for the safety of the patients, only two people may visit the patient at the same time.
  7. Only ICU doctors are responsible to inform you about the course of your patient’s health hospitalized in the ICU and information is given to family members only.
  8. It is not allowed to provide information via telephone or to not close relatives. Not close relatives and friends shall be informed by the close relatives according to their will.
  9. On your way out, throw the apron in the special bin making sure that no part of the apron falls out.
  10. Use the antibacterial liquid at the exit to disinfect your hands once more.
  11. Visiting hours are strictly between 11:30- 12:00 and 18:00- 18:30. ICUpatients need to rest for as long as possible. Visits are defined taking into account the patients’ needs above all and for this purpose brief visits are recommended. At the same time, visits may be interrupted for the care of the patient or in case of an emergency and they may be continued at the earliest convenience.
  12. The visiting hours are amended only with the permission of the ICU doctors.
  13. Children younger than 16 years old are not allowed to visit the ICU without permission from the doctors.