Breast Clinic (1st )

The Breast Clinic is a fully organized unit that offers valuable healthcare services to women

The Clinic

MITERA Hospital’s Breast Clinic performs all medical tests available for early defatting and diagnosing breast conditions, leading to proper treatment.

The Breast Clinic is a fully organized unit that offers valuable healthcare services to women, as it performs the entire range of diagnostic tests and procedures for the breast. The Breast Clinic is equipped with a third generation high-resolution digital mammography unit.

The digital mammography unit offers optimal imaging results and, therefore, it boosts diagnostic capabilities, while reducing the radiation doses by 30-40% compared to analog systems. It also offers the option of keeping a digital database, with comprehensive result details, for convenient future comparisons and follow-ups.

In the area of ultrasound technology, the Breast Clinic offers breast U/S as well as U/S detection of lumps and architectural distortion of breast parenchyma, while it also performs surgical procedures.

Combining digital mammography with latest generation U/S assists in comprehensive prevention and treatment of breast conditions.

The Breast Clinic is staffed with experienced radiologists, radiotherapists, oncologists, breast surgeons, specialized nursing staff and psychologists (for offering psychological support to the women).

Operating Hours
Mon-Fri: 07:00-20:00
Sat: 07:00-15:00

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