MITERA S.A: The first hospital in Greece to install Electricity and Heat-Cold production 500 Kw system with Natural Gas.

MITERA Hospital installed Electricity and Heat-Cold Co-Production Unit. It is the first installation of Electricity and Heat-Cold Co-Production Unit at a Hospital in Greece.

This Unit is environment friendly considering that it replaces conventional gases with Natural Gas and at the same time produces electrical power of 0.5 MW providing thus autonomy and great financial profit to the Hospital.

“The heat produced by oils and exhaust gases of total power 840 KWth is not dispersed in the atmosphere but is used for the Hospital’s hot water needs and furthermore to heat the areas during winter and cool them during summer. The produced cooling effect reaches 150 cooling tons” highlighted the Technical Manager of MITERA Mr. Konstantinos Chronis during the meeting held in N. Louros congress hall of MITERA Hospital for the presentation of co-production project.
The cost of this investment reached the amount of 835.000 Euros. The Operational Programme “Competitiveness” (EPAN) of the Ministry of Development subsidized 40% of the investment. Advisory board of this project was the National Technical University of Athens.

General Manager of MITERA Hospital Mr. O. Smirliadis stated “With high sense of Corporate Social Responsibility MITERA made an investment that ensures the Hospital needs, gains financial profit for the Company and above all respects the environment, the patients, workers and citizens of this country”.