MITERA at the Bravo Sustainability Awards 2023

MITERA received the distinction among 250 nominated Corporate Social Responsibility actions, in the “Governance” pillar of BRAVO 2023 institution, for its “Procurement Policy” initiative. The award was presented at the 14th annual Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2023 event, organized by the QualityNet Foundation.

In line with the principles of Corporate Governance, MITERA adheres to the principles of transparency, treatment and non-discrimination in its procurement processes. In order to manage its procurement in a more efficient and transparent manner, MITERA has established a three-member Central Procurement Committee, whose work is carried out within a specific framework of responsibilities in accordance with the applicable regulation.

The supplier selection process is based on objective criteria, such as the quality and safety of the materials and services provided, compliance with the legislative framework, as well as their reliability and integrity.

In addition to strict criteria of quality and the outcome of cooperation with suppliers, MITERA chooses to work with suppliers that respect human rights, the environment, and transparency in transactions.

MITERA’s priority is the effective implementation of both cutting-edge technologies and medical practices applied globally. In this context, the majority of procurement at MITERA is linked to the application of technological developments, the acquisition of innovative machinery and modern equipment.


Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2023 is a multi-stakeholder institution for dialogue and highlighting initiatives that support a sustainable future. It emphasizes the promotion of a systematic social dialogue, aiming to create a broader culture on Sustainable Development issues, based on the pioneering initiatives developed in our country.