1st Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology Department

We stand among the most modern, organized and specialized units in Greece for the treatment of ENT disorders in a relatively large age spectrum (ranging from neonates to adults).

The Department

The Department applies a program of on-time diagnosis (screening) of children’s hearing loss, starting from neonates hospitalized in the Neonates ICU and continuing – on a volunteer basis – for all the other neonates, covering a 55% of all births.  The Department also offers a fully equipped Audiology – Neurotology and Balance Laboratory, where all the necessary diagnostic tests are performed.

The Outpatients Unit offers the capability for nasal and nasopharynx endoscopy, as well as for larynx endoscopy for children at any age. The cooperation with the Department of Pediatric Sleep Disorders is also important towards the comprehensive and well-documented control of the Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) and snoring.

MITERA Children’s Hospital offers the complete spectrum of Otorhinolaryngology operations.  There are a state-of-the-art otosurgery Department, a Department of nasal and nasopharynx – paranasal sinuses endoscopic surgery and neck-thyroid surgery, while there is provision for the whole group of operations targeted to the head and neck area.