Fetal Medicine

We are next to you diagnostically and curatively throughout pregnancy.

4D Pregnancy Ultrasound

The Unit is located on Level 1 of MITERA Hospital and is equipped with four U/S examination rooms fully equipped with high-end real time 4D imaging devices (GE E8 and E10), HD screens and all necessary means to perform intrauterine diagnostic and treatment procedures. The Unit is also equipped with a cardiotocography (CTG) monitoring examination room intended for use by pregnant women in third trimester of pregnancy. The Unit’s PCs run the world-renowned Fetal Medicine Foundation software, linked to the ASTRAIA database.

All members of the Unit’s Medical Team are highly experienced and have been certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF), while they receive continuous education and training in collaboration with the FMF under Professor Kypros Nicolaides. Approximately 80-100 screening tests are performed daily by the Unit’s Medical Team.

The Fetal Medicine Unit is supported by and works closely with the Ultrasound Department, the Hormonology Department, the Genetics & Molecular Biology Department as well as the Fetal Echocardiography Department.

The following screening tests are performed:

  • Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound: assesses the risk of Trisomy 21/Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18/Edwards Syndrome and Trisomy 13/Patau Syndrome (11-13 weeks)

The ultrasound is combined with a PAPP-A and β-hCG hormones test. The hormones test is performed by MITERA’s Hormonology Department, equipped with the certified ROCHE device.

  • Morphological ultrasound examination: detects congenital fetal abnormalities (18-23 weeks
  • Repetitive ultrasound: monitors diagnosed congenital fetal abnormalities
  • Doppler ultrasound: assesses blood flow in the fetus and placenta and fetal development (28-32 weeks)
  • Transvaginal ultrasound: assesses cervical length and chance of early delivery
  • High-risk pregnancy monitoring

The following intrautering diagnostic and treatment procedures are also performed:

  • Amniocentesis
  • Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)
  • Fetal blood sampling (Cordocentesis)
  • Multifetal pregnancy reduction
  • Amniotic fluid reduction in the event of polyhydramnios

Fetal medicine examinations are performed by appointment.
Emergencies are handled upon request.

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 08.00-20.00 & Saturday: 08.00-15.00

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