Breast Clinic (2nd )

Our Breast Unit offer women access to all the latest diagnostic and treatment modalities for breast conditions.

The Clinic

With breast cancer  affecting one in nine women throughout their lives, raising awareness among them has become more important than ever. Presymptomatic testing, early diagnosis and access to the most advanced treatments currently available constitute every woman’s right and form the core of all specialized breast centers.

Our Breast Unit offer women access to all the latest diagnostic and treatment modalities for breast conditions. State-of-the-art breast imaging technology available assists Breast Radiologists in obtaining comprehensive imaging results and early diagnosis.

Minimally invasive pre-operative diagnostic methods allow surgeons to select the optimal surgical approach or even avoid surgery altogether if possible.

By implementing the latest surgical techniques and adopting plastic surgery methods, surgeons can achieve the best possible oncologic and aesthetic results offering our patients access to modern breast oncoplastic techniques.  Furthermore, immediate breast reconstruction techniques offered, allow women with hereditary mutations to have access to bilateral prophylactic mastectomies.

The 2nd Breast Unit is also in collaboration with clinical geneticists, psychologists and nurses, offering a comprehensive treatment approach.

In the 2nd Breast Clinic a multidisciplinary team of Breast Surgeons, Medical Oncologists, Breast Pathologists, Radiation Oncologists and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons, works closely aiming to offer the best treatment approach to women with Breast Cancer.

It has become clear today that women with breast cancer who are treated in specialized breast centers by a multidisciplinary team have better survival rates.

Our aim is to care for women, respect their right to early and proper diagnosis, offer them access to an experienced team of physicians, and assist them in completing their treatment and returning to their roles as valuable members of their families and society in general.

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Η Ιδιωτική Γενική, Μαιευτική-Γυναικολογική & Παιδιατρική Κλινική ΜΗΤΕΡΑ Α.E., μέλος του Ομίλου ΥΓΕΙΑ ζητά Ιατρικό Προσωπικό, συγκεκριμένα: ΠΑΘΟΛΟΓΟ και ΠΑΙΔΟΧΕΙΡΟΥΡΓΟ.
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