State-of-the-art 3Τesla MRI Device Installed at MITERA

state-of-the-art 3Tesla MRI device (MAGNETOM Vida by Siemens) with BioMatrix Technology has been installed at the MITERA Imaging Department. This MRI device is an achievement in medical imaging technology and one of the fastest MRI systems currently available.

The device offers excellent imaging results, with revolutionary imaging technologies, even during both free-breathing and dynamic exams. Additionally, it adapts to the anatomy as well as the cardiac and respiratory pattern of patients, which limits errors due to motion, and is also ideal for patients with claustrophobia.

The 3Tesla system’s cutting-edge technology provides quality imaging in exams such as heart MRI, breast MRI, multiparametric prostate MRI, rectal MRI, MR angiography of the brain and neck, as well as functional MRI of the brain.

In addition, the MITERA Imaging Department also acquired a new 64-slice CT scanner (SOMATOM by Siemens), which offers the possibility of performing all special and complex scans, such as CT angiography, CT coronary angiography and CT enterography, with excellent imaging quality and diagnostic accuracy.

All the imaging test results are stored in the my-Ygeia app. Through the app, all patients have access to their Personal Medical Record 24/7 and can easily email the results wherever they wish.