MITERA Children’s Hospital: Recommendations Published for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Fetal Central Nervous System

The MITERA Pediatric Imaging Department, in partnership with the Fetal Task Force of the European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR), recently published the first systematic recording of indications for magnetic resonance imaging of the fetal central nervous system in the Pediatric Radiology journal. 

Although MRIs are widely performed on fetuses in the last years, there is great confusion in medical literature regarding the indications and recommendations of the method, and absence of guidelines. This was the conclusion of the European Task Force, following the questionnaire distributed in various member-states. So the need arose for scientific recording of the relevant recommendations in this article, upon the consensus of the ESPR Task Force members. 

The authors of the study were: Georgia Papaioannou, Director of Pediatric Radiology at MITERA, Willemijn Klein, Marie Cassart and Catherine Garel, all members of the ESPR Fetal Imaging Task Force.   

The MITERA Pediatric Imaging Department represents Greece in the ESPR Task Force, where members exchange and record scientific information and experience, while updating data from application of the method. Note that fetal MRIs are being performed at MITERA for more than a decade, in partnership with gynecologists, imaging specialists and consultants. 


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