MITERA – Celebrating 40 Years of Life

MITERA Hospital celebrated its 40-year anniversary, honoring its history, founders, employees and doctors during a unique and moving event at Vorres Museum on Friday 15 November.

The concept for the establishment of MITERA back in 1979 came from a team of 40 obstetricians/gynecologists, who envisioned a hospital that would set the bar in Greece, with superior quality medical services for expectant mothers. They created the first large, modern maternity hospital in Greece, where more than 500,000 children have been born.

Another significant milestone for MITERA is the year 2003 when the Children’s Hospital was established, which would cater for even the most demanding cases, giving families the hope that their child can be treated within their country of residence. MITERA Children’s Hospital – with 121 beds in total, including 10 beds in the Multidisciplinary Pediatric ICU and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery ICU – has become a model hospitalization center for children, as it is the only private, tertiary children’s hospital in Greece that covers the entire range of pediatric medical cases for all medical subspecialties.

In 2011, the MITERA Management foresaw the developments in Greek entrepreneurship and the economy on time, expanded its strategy and also became a General Hospital. By incorporating general medicine specialties and activities, it practically converted an efficient maternity hospital that was ahead of its times into a powerful and ever-growing general hospital, offering top-level healthcare services to all patients, irrespective of age or gender. At the moment, it manages internal medicine and surgical cases from mild to severe, using innovative methods and producing excellent results. The fully-renovated hospital areas currently host fully-organized departments, outpatient clinics that operate 24/7, special units, one-day treatment units and operating rooms equipped with the latest technology.

In its 40 years, MITERA has been offering comprehensive healthcare services of the highest standards. Based on the dedication, excellent training and quality of the medical, nursing and administrative staff, it offers prevention, diagnosis and a well-rounded treatment approach for any medical problem in children and adults.

That’s why MITERA is the only comprehensive hospital in Greece for the entire family and for all ages!

MITERA CEO Andreas Kartapanis noted, “In its continuous 40-year course, MITERA has gained the reputation of one of the largest and best organized private hospitals in Greece, having successfully responded to the challenges in the healthcare sector and offering top medical services daily to all the members of the family. It has managed to become a pivotal part of the modern private healthcare sector map in Greece. In all events, MITERA’s successful course is the indisputable result of the hard work and dedication of all the employees working daily, with a deep sense of respect for people and life, responsibility and integrity; values that have remained unaltered since its first day of operation.”

MITERA Chairman Georgios Politis stated, “Some 40 years ago, 40 obstetricians managed to put ‘us’ before ‘me’, to the benefit of women – pregnant and not – and working together, they established MITERA Hospital. A continuously innovative hospital: in hospitalization, Neonate Intensive Care Unit, Children’s Hospital, Neonate and Children’s Cardiac Surgery Clinic and General Hospital. A hospital where more than 500,000 babies have been born, some of whom have grown up through the years and have started their own families in the same place, in the same fami