HYGEIA Group: Honorary Distinction for the Traveling for Health Initiative

BRAVO Sustainability Awards

HYGEIA Group received an honorary distinction for its Traveling for Health Corporate Social Responsibility initiative at the 9th annual BRAVO Sustainability Awards. The ceremony took place on Tuesday December 11 at the Athens Concert Hall.

This CSR initiative was distinguished in the Bravo Society pillar. It was among 100 business community candidates that received the highest ranking after the social dialogue with 9,250 active citizens and 130 social partners who participated in the Evaluation Committees.

The Traveling for Health initiative commenced in 2013 with the aim of serving the needs of residents from small islands or mountainous regions who cannot easily access medical services. Backed by the top medical services and cutting-edge equipment of the Group’s medical facilities, the HYGEIA volunteers, doctors and other employees, embark on trips to offer diagnostic tests, medical services and humane care. Furthermore, HYGEIA Group offers support to the local medical centers by donating medical equipment, as well as pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. A total of 10 volunteer campaigns have been completed so far, while more than 10,536 residents have been examined and some 40,828 medical and diagnostic tests have been performed.

Commenting on this distinction, the HYGEIA Group CEO, Mr Andreas Kartapanis noted, “At HYGEIA Group we are extremely proud of our Traveling for Health initiative. This initiative stems from our need to provide quality healthcare services to the residents of remote areas of Greece who cannot easily access medical care. It also stems from our efforts to safeguard and promote health. This social action has become an institution of compassion and care for our fellow humans, thanks to our Group’s volunteers. Each destination constitutes a unique experience for all of us. We are rewarded by the enthusiasm, smiles and gratitude the people so warmheartedly offer us, which encourages us to continue traveling for health.”

 The BRAVO initiative, supported QualityNet Foundation for the last 9 years, opens up an annual social dialogue on sustainable development based on actions implemented by businesses, the local government and the civil society.

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