Board of Directors

Board of Directors of MITERA S.A.

Chairman of B.D. Georgios Politis
Vice President Ioannis Andreou
Managing Director Andreas Kartapanis
Member of B.D Athanasios Hristopoulos
Member of B.D Alexandros Edipides
Member of B.D. Dimitrios Syrmas
Member of B.D. Dimitrios-Eleftherios Mantzavinos
Member of B.D. Evangelos Dedoulis
Member of B.D. Stefanos Handakas
Member of B.D. Ioannis Hristopoulos
Member of B.D. Evangelia Lagona
Member of B.D. Elias Athanasiadis
Member of B.D. Sergios Stampoulous

Scientific Council

For MITERA, the provision of continuous scientific information about any topic that relates to Medical Science is considered to be particularly important.  For this reason, in 1985 MITERA proceeded with the establishment of a Scientific Committee, whose educational work is scheduled on an annual basis, with events starting every September with free entrance for the public. Well known Greek and Foreign Scientists participate in these events as speakers.

The members of the new Scientific Council are the following:


 Giorgios Kallipolitis

Vice Chairman:

 George Politis

General Secretary:

 Meni Saklamaki


 Ilias Athanasiadis

 George Anagnostopoulos

 Andreas Zampas

 Evangelia Lagona

 Evangelia Lekoudi

 Iakovos Petmezakis

 Kleanthis Pitsillidis

 Stefanos Chandakas

Oncology Council

It consists of highly experienced physicians in the field of Obstetrics, Gynaecology, General Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Pathology who carry out integrated treatment techniques for malignant tumors.

Α. Adult Oncology Committee

  • I. Athanasiadis, Director, Oncology Clinic
  • Κ. Dardoufas, Radiation Oncologist
  • G. Tsiotos, Director, Surgery Clinic
  • S. Papadopoulos, Director, Pathology Lab
  • I. Dervenoulas, Director, Haematology Clinic
  • Α. Pavli, Director, Nursing Service
  • S. Zouroudis, Head of Pharmachy Dept.
  • V. Kalograia, Scientific Library

Β. Children Oncology Committee

  • E. Kosmidi, Director, Children’s Oncology Clinic
  • Κ. Dardoufas, Radiation Oncologist
  • Γ. Σπυρίδης, Children Surgeon
  • S. Papadopoulos, Director, Pathology Lab
  • A. Pavli, Director, Nursing Service
  • S. Zouroudis, Head of Pharmachy Dept.
  • V. Kalograia, Scientific Library

The members of the Oncology Council are as follows:  

Α. Adults’ cases

Breast I. Athanasiadis K. Dardoufas E. Faliakou – X. Tsionou S. Papadopoulos
Gynecological Oncology Cases I. Athanasiadis K. Dardoufas Th. Tsachalina – V. Sioulas S. Papadopoulos
Liver / pancreas / Gut I. Athanasiadis K. Dardoufas G. Tsiotos S. Papadopoulos
Lungs I. Athanasiadis K. Dardoufas K. Iliadis S. Papadopoulos
Haematological I. Athanasiadis K. Dardoufas S. Papadopoulos


Β. Children’s Case

Abdomen E. Kosmidi Μ. Sinodinou G. Spyridis S. Papadopoulos
Neurosurgical Cases E. Kosmidi Μ. Sinodinou S. Sgouros S. Papadopoulos


ΜΗΤΕΡΑ: Αγγελία

Η Ιδιωτική Γενική, Μαιευτική-Γυναικολογική & Παιδιατρική Κλινική ΜΗΤΕΡΑ Α.E., μέλος του Ομίλου ΥΓΕΙΑ ζητά Ιατρικό Προσωπικό, συγκεκριμένα: ΠΑΘΟΛΟΓΟ. Ο κάτοχος της θέσης θα προσφέρει Ιατρικές Υπηρεσίες στον Παθολογικό Τομέα της Γενικής Κλινικής.
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