Zervopoulos Georgios

Zervopoulos Georgios Cardiologist Clinical

Associate Director of Electrophysiology, Pacemaker - Defibrillator Department HYGEIA Hospital

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • 1968-1971: 1ST General High School (Lyceum), Corfu, Greece
  • 1972-1978: Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, Medical School.
  • December 1978: Degree in Medicine (ptychio Iatrikis), Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, Department of Medicine.
  • January 1979: Licence to Practice the Medical Profession , Perfecture of Athens, Greece
  • May 1986: Specialization in Cardiology (written and oral examination)
  • January 2007: Accreditation in Cardiac Pacing, European Society of Cardiology


Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

  • Member of the Hellenic Cardiology Society (HCS).

  • Member of the ESC. 

  • Member of the Working Group for Electrophysiology and Pacing of the Hellenic Society of Cardiology


Work Experience

  • 11/2006-to date: Consultant Cardiologist-Electrophysiologist at the Electrophysiology, Pacemaker and ICD Unit, Hygeia General Hospital, Athens, Greece

  • 11/2006- to date: Consultant Cardiologist: Catheterization Lab. (Lead Clinician: Alexios Dimas), 

  • 09/2009-to date: Consultant Cardiologist at Private Medical Practice

  • 05/1988-11/2006: Hippokrateion Hospital, Athens, Greece Consultant Cardiologist at the Department of Cardiology, Catheterization Lab (Lead Clinician: John Gialafos, John Kallikatzaros.)

  • 02/1987- 05/1988: Consultant Cardiologist at the Cardiology Department Elpis General Hospital, Athens, Greece.(Lead Clinician: Peter Bonoris)

  • 09/1983-10/1985: Cardiology (training) at the Department of Cardiology

  • Hippokrateion University Hospital, Athens, Greece (Lead Clinician: Prof P. Toutouzas.)

  • 05/1979-05/1981: Internal Medicine (training) at the Department of Internal Medicine, Salamina Naval Hospital Hospital Athens, Greece. (Director: Dr Dandolos Georgios)

  • 10/1998-08/1999: Medical Practitioner at the 1st Cardiology Department Naval Hospital,Athens, Greece (military service)

Education Experience:

  • Since 1983 participation at national, and International Cardiological congresses

  • Oral presentations in national and international congresses.


Clinical & Research Interest

  • Conducted experimental and clinical research for two years (1979-1981) in Hippokrateion University Hospital Athens, Greece. Collected data from sources such as laboratory research, actual cases, and medical journals. Analyzed data,submitted peer review articles in international medical journals

  • Supraventricular arrhythmias

  • Ventricular arrhythmias

  • Pacemakers

  • ICD

  • Cardiac resynchronization therapy

  • Sudden cardiac death

Research Interest:
Investigator in international clinical trials.

  • More-Care Trial: ”Trial to Assess Remote Monitoring Impact on Heart Failure Patients and Healthcare Utilization”Medtronic Inc

  • Attain Performa quadripolar lead clinical study

  • PANORAMA 2 Observational Study. Medtronic Bakken Research Center.


Recent Publications

  • Heart rate variability values are decreased in patients experiencing myocardial ischemia and may serve as early markers for the prediction in ischemic events. Dilaveris P., Zervopoulos G., Michaelidis A., Psomadaki Z., Gialafos J., Toutouzas P. Journal of Ambulatory Monitoring, pages 29-41, 1996

  • Assessment of Time Domain and Spectral components of Heart Rate Variability immediately before ischemic ST segment depression episodes. Dilaveris P., Zervopoulos G., Psomadaki Z., Michaelidis A., Gialafos J., Toutouzas P. Pace, 1996, 19, 1337-1345

  • Correlation of signal-average electrocardiogram alteration during orthostatic tilt with the respective alteration of heart rate variability time domain values in patients with old prior myocardial infections. Dilaveris P., Sideris S., Gialafos E., Zervopoulos G., Gialafos J., Toutouzas P., Europace 1997 Proceedings, p. 175-179

  • Radiofrequency catheter ablation of Posteroseptal Accessory Pathway-Results of a Step-by-Step Ablation Approach. Gatsoulis K.A., Apostolopoulos T., Costeas X., Zervopoulos G., Papafanis E., Sotiropoulos E., Gialafos J., Toutouzas P., J. of Interventional Electrophysiology, 5, 193-201, 2001

  • Electrical storm is an independent predictor of adverse long-term outcome in the era of implantable defibrillator therapy. Zervopoulos G., Sotiropoulos E., Apostolopoulos T., Gatsoulis K.A., Andrikopoulos G.K., Andoniou J., Brili S., Stefanadis C. Europace 7, 184-192, 2005