Masdrakis Antonios

Masdrakis Antonios Cardiologist Clinical

Assistant, 2nd Cardiology Department

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • Graduate of the Medical School of National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece (Grade Very Good) , 1999
  • Specialty: Cardiology, National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, 2010


Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

  • Hellenic Cardiological Society

Work Experience

  • Rural service doctor at Volos, Greece from 10/1999-1/2001

  • Internal Medicine Specialty training in “Papadimitriou” Hospital (1st IKA Hospital), Athens from 10/2002-7/2004

  • Specialty of Cardiology in “Alexandra” Hospital, University Therapeutics Clinic, Athens from 5/2006-8/2010

  • Two year service as cardiologist in IKA-EOPYY Unit Pagrati, Athens

  • Scientific Consultant of Intensive Care Unit of Hygeia Hospital Athens from 3/2011 until today

  • Scientific Consultant of 2nd Cardiology Department of Hygeia Hospital Athens from 4/2013 until today

Teaching Experience:

  • Regular teaching of postgraduate doctors, 2 sessions per year, 3 months each, for 3 years


Recent Publications

  • Is left ventricular dysfunction reversed after complete alcohol abstinence in asymptomatic alcoholics? A tissue Doppler-derived strain and 2D strain imaging stress echocardiography study Sotiris Plastiras, Constantinos Pamboucas, Antonis Masdrakis, Elias Tzavellas, Constantinos Pantos, Thomas Paparrigopoulos, Ioannis Liappas, Savvas Toumanidis HOSPITAL CHRONICLES 2016, 11(2): 98–105