Souvaliotis Nektarios

Souvaliotis Nektarios Cardiologist Clinical

Assistant Director, 6th Cardiology Department HYGEIA

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • Medical School

    School of Medicine. University of Athens.

    Degree of Medicine. Grade: Very good. 22/FEB/2002

  • Postgraduate Study

    Master’s degree on “Intensive care units-Cardiology nursing”. 10/APR/2009


    Greek Board of Cardiology.

    Greek Certificate Number 3665/22-01-2014

    EP Certification

  • IBHRE ( International Board Heart Rhythm Examiners) Physician Certified Electrophysiology Specialist-Adult.(CEPS-A) 2018 22/JAN/2014

    USMLE Step 2 CK Grade: 85/100 19/NOV/2004

    USMLE Step 1 CK Grade: 86/100 7/JUL /2005

    USMLE Step 2 CS 28/JUL /2010

    ECFMG Certificate Number: 0-671-042-0 14/OCT/2010


Doctoral thesis

  • Candidate PhD Student: Thesis on: “The impact of biventricular pacing on the cardiopulmonary exercise testing parameters in patients with heart failure”. 25/FEB/2009 -Present

Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

  • Greek Cardiology Society.

Work Experience

  • Since JULY 2017, consultant, HYGEIA Hospital, Athens, Greece

  • Advanced Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship at St Luke’s Mount Sinai Hospital from 01/July 2015 until 30/June/2017. (2 years)

  • Cardiac Clinical Electrophysiology Fellowship at State University of New York (SUNY)

    Downstate Medical center 01/ July/ 2014 until 30/June/2015. (1 year)

  • “Red Cross” General Hospital of Athens. Cardiology residency which included rotation at patient wards, electrophysiology laboratory, cardiac intensive care unit, echocardiography department, hemodynamic-catheterization laboratory (6 months each), and cardiac stress test department and Holter department (3 months). Duties included night and day shifts in the emergency room. 1/JAN/2011-25/SEP/2013

  • “Emory Hospital” Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Observership at the Heart Failure Program (During cardiac residency). 1/JAN/2013-31/MAR/2013

  • “Pamakaristos” General Hospital of Athens. Cardiology residency, which included patient wards, cardiac intensive care unit and cardiac emergency department shifts and duties. 16/JUL/2009-30/SEP/2010

  • “Evgenideio General Hospital” Department of cardiac rehabilitation and cardiopulmonary exercise testing. 1/JAN/2008-10/JUL/2009

  • “Agia Barbara” General Hospital of Athens. Internal Medicine residency. 21/FEB/2006-20/NOV/2007

  • “Open Polyclinic” Voluntary work at the non-government organization “Doctors of the World”. 1/MAY/2005-2/FEB/2006

  • “Military Hospital of Rhodes” at Rhodes Island. Military duty served as a doctor in the Greek army. 4/NOV/2003-25/MAY/2004

  • “Thermo Community Health Center”, compulsory rural service in General Medicine.  29/JUL/2002-28/JUL/2003

  • “Agrinion General Hospital”, Aetolia, Greece. Three months residency at internal medicine, surgery, and cardiology, time equally divided, for the purposes of the compulsory rural service. 29/APR/2002-29/JUL/2002


  • Trainer at the “First Aid” seminar, conducted annually at the University of Athens. 2010-2013


Clinical & Research Interest


    RAFTING STUDY The purpose of this study was to monitor the prevalence of atrial fibrillation in Greece and the given therapies. Hellenic J Cardiol 2013; 54: 368-375

  • BIOSTAT-CHF STUDY: Ongoing Trial A multidisciplinary research program for developing personalised treatment for patients with heart failure



  • Participation in the writing of the textbook “First Aid”, (chapter of Acute Coronary Syndromes), of the University of Athens Medical School. 2009 Parisianos Publishing.

Recent Publications

  • Inappropriate shock in a subcutaneous cardiac defibrillator due to residual air.

    Journal of Clinical Case Reports 2017 . Shaw Lee, Nektarios Souvaliotis, Devedra Mehta, Ranjit Suri.

    Sex differences in Response to Chemical Cardioversion of Atrial Fibrillation by Dofetilide;A retrospective cohort of 160 Persistent Atrial Fibrillation patients.

    Clinical Cardiology 2017

  • “Progression of Pulmonary Systolic Pressure by Echocardiography among Ambulatory Patients without Pulmonary Hypertension at Baseline”. J Card Fail. 2013; 19:S10-S11.Siwamogsatham S, Souvaliotis N, Papadimitriou L, Li S, Deka A, Marti C, Gupta D, Cole R, Laskar S, Smith AL, Georgiopoulou V, Butler J, Kalogeropoulos A. 2013 Heart Failure Society of America meeting.


  • HRS 2017 “ Distinct Unipolar (W signal) Signal incrementally increases Procedural Success in Radiofrequency Ablation for Premature Ventricular Complexes” Heart Rhythm 2017, May ;Vol 14(No 5 Supplement) S196-197. 10-13 /May/2017

  • 2nd National Congress of Athletic Science: “Comparison of acute effect of interval vs continuous exercise in healthy sedentary adults”. Koutroubi M, Karatzanos L, Dimopoulos S, Souvaliotis N, Nanas s, et al. 19/April/2013

  • EHRA EUROPACE “Arrhythmic storm ICD recipients with ischemic vs dilated cardiomyopathy. A comparative study”. Maniotis C, Manolis AG, Souvaliotis N, Kyriakides ZS et al. 26-29/JUN/2013

  • American Thoracic Society International Conference. Denver-Colorado. Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System Derangement During exercise in Patients With Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Dimopoulos S, Souvaliotis N,Nanas S et al.A62, 2007. 13-18/MAY/2011

  • 5th Scientific Conference of medical students of Greece. Lecturer on the topic: “Immunology and Immunosuppression. Supportive forms of liver function”