Paskalis Charalampos

Paskalis Charalampos Intensive Care

Director, Adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Education & Academic Qualifications

• Medical Degree from Aristotelian Univ. of Thessaloniki 1984 grade “Excellent” 9,2)
• Postdoctoral Fellow, NIH Bethesda MD and Frederick MD, USA 1984-1986
• Internal Medicine Specialty training 1986-1989, Providence Hospital, Washington, D.C
• Critical Care Fellowship, Mass. General Hosp, Boston MA, USA, 1989-1990
• Critical Care and Pulmonary Medicine Fellowship, Brigham and Women’s and Beth Israel Hosp, Boston MA, USA, 1990-1991
• American Boards in Internal Medicine 1989
• American Boards in Critical Care Medicine 1991
• Greek Boards in Internal Medicine 1992
• Greek Boards in Critical Care 1996

Board Member and Editorial Boards

• Member Greek Society of Critical Care Medicine
• Member Society of Critical Care Medicine
• Member European Society of Intensive Care Medicine

Professional Experience

• ICU Director “Aghios Loukas Hospital”, Thessaloniki  1991-1994
• ICU Director, Hygeia Hospital 1994-to date

Teaching Experience

• Regular teaching of postgraduate doctors, 2 sessions per year, 3 months each, for more than 10 years
• Regular teaching of nursing personnel, in training courses, at least 4 times per year

Clinical and Research Interest

Clinical Interest:
Critical Care Cardiology
ICU infections

Research Interest:  
Pharmacokinetics of advanced antibiotics in critically ill patients


• BK Felber, H Paskalis, C Kleinman-Ewing, F Wong-Staal and GN Pavlakis. The pX protein of HTLV-I is a transcriptional activator of its long terminal repeats. Science, 1985; 229(4714): 675-679.
• H Paskalis, B K Felber and G N Pavlakis. Cis-acting sequences responsible for the transcriptional activation of HTLV-I constitute a conditional enhancer. PNAS, 1986; 83(17): 6558-6562.
• CM Wright, BK Felber, H Paskalis and GN Pavlakis. Expression and characterization of the trans-activator of HTLV-III/LAV virus. Science, 1986; 234(4779): 988-92.
• Galani L, Souli M, Karaiskos I, Katsouda E, Patrozou H, Baziaka F, Paskalis C, Giamarellou H. Nosocomial dissemination of Providencia stuartii isolates producing extended-spectrum b-lactamases VEB-1 and SHV-5, metallo-b-lactamase VIM-1, and RNA methylase  RmtB.  J Global Antimicrob Res 2013; 1:115-116
• Chapter “Envenomation by insects and animals” in: Intensive Care, Ch. Roussos,  editor: Paschalidis Athens, Dec. 2009

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