Pediatric Plastic Surgery Department

Functional and aesthetic rehabilitation from neonatal age and at all stages of child development.

The Department

The Department of Pediatric Plastic Surgery in MITERA Children’s Hospital, supported by its highly qualified doctors and nurses, ensures a responsible and scientific treatment both for emergency or chronic conditions that concern the plastic surgery specialty.  It covers the whole spectrum of relevant conditions (trauma, burns, genetic or acquired deformities,  functional and aesthetic changes), ranging from the simpler to the most complicated ones, from the neonatal age to all the other developmental stages of a child’s life.

As in the case of all other Departments in MITERA Children’s Hospital, the Department of Pediatric Plastic Surgery is characterized by a high degree of specialization in all fields of reconstructive procedures (ranging from the simplest technique to the most complicated microsurgical techniques) that allow personalized treatment of congenital (existing at birth) and acquired (due to trauma or neoplasia) conditions of soft tissues all over the body.

ΜΗΤΕΡΑ: Αγγελία

Ο Όμιλος ΥΓΕΙΑ κατέχοντας ηγετική θέση στον τομέα των ιδιωτικών νοσοκομειακών μονάδων προκειμένου να καλύψει τις ανάγκες της συνεχούς ανάπτυξης του με στόχο την παροχή ιατρικών και νοσηλευτικών υπηρεσιών ποιοτικού επιπέδου, επιθυμεί να προσλάβει: ΙΑΤΡΟΥΣ ΒΙΟΠΑΘΟΛΟΓΟΥΣ για απασχόληση στα Κεντρικά Εργαστήρια.
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