Pediatric Neurosurgical

The Pediatric Neurosurgical Department handles diseases of the central nervous system, i.e. diseases that occur in the brain and spinal cord.

The Department

These diseases include congenital conformation disorders (e.g. spina bifida, hydrocephalus), which are normally diagnosed during the first months of a baby’s life, brain and spinal cord tumors, injuries and, in general, a spectrum of other diseases that are able to attack nervous system and must be treated surgically.

The Department utilizes the most technically sophisticated surgical equipment and performs neurosurgical operations on children, from neonatal to adolescent age. The Department performs the total spectrum of pediatric neurosurgical operations and is specialized in neuroendoscopy, spasticity surgical treatment, brain tumor surgical treatment with the use of neuronavigation and epilepsy surgical treatment with the use of intraoperative electroencephalography (EEG). The Department is fully supported by the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. The Department offers full neurosurgical coverage both for in- and outpatients on a 24 hours basis.

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