Pediatric Infectious Diseases Department

Despite tremendous advances in medicine, the application of new diagnostic methods and the discovery of antibiotics and vaccines, the incidence of infection is still common and the complications often a concern.

The Department

The early etiologic diagnosis and the right treatment by a specialist in Pediatric Infectious Disease Department of MITERA  contributing to the rapid, full and uneventful recovery of small patient health.

MITERA Hospital has two pediatric infectious diseases board-certified consultants who work closely with other division colleagues to treat infectious diseases in children and adolescents.
Infectious diseases consultants take care for patients in the hospital and in the outpatient setting.


The consultants’ goal is to identify and effectively diagnose and treat infections that arise from exposure to infectious diseases or that from surgical procedures. They offer the following specialized services:

Hospital-Based Consultation
Offer specialized diagnosis and treatment for patients who are hospitalized with infections or who develop infections while hospitalized for other reasons. In addition to take care of  patients with  infectious diseases in general pediatric wards they are specialize in identifying and treating infections in the intensive care unitς of neonates and children,  infections following  any  surgery and infections associated with neoplastic diseases.

Outpatient Infectious Disease Consultation
Offers specialized evaluations for patients referred by their physicians and management of suspected or proven infections.