Neurological Disorders in Pregnancy

Treatment of pregnant women with neurological diseases.

The Department

During pregnancy many changes take place in the female body, which may potentially alter the course of a neurological disease and treatment adjustments are essential.

We established this special unit in order to offer better management and follow up of pregnant women with neurological diseases.

Conditions – Treatments
Neurological diseases that may be affected during pregnancy include:

  • epilepsy
  • multiple sclerosis
  • myasthenia
  • headache
  • tumors of the central nervous system

Sometimes a neurological disease can appear during pregnancy, like:

  • eclampsia
  • preeclampsia
  • posterior reversible leucoencephalopathy
  • stroke
  • peripheral nervous system disorders (carpal tunnel syndrome, Bell’s palsy, low back pain, sciatica)
  • sleep disorders

Instructions for the patient
Female patients suffering from neurological diseases are generally advised to program their pregnancy. Your obstetrician should be informed with detail about the neurological disorder and your neurologist should be informed about the pregnancy intention. Depending on each special disease, sometimes preparatory work in the field of the medications used is necessary.

In the case of unexpected pregnancy, your neurologist and obstetrician should be immediately informed as their collaboration will ensure the best possible course.

During pregnancy the following are necessary:

  • medication dosage adjustments
  • modification of the medication used, as some drugs are toxic for the fetus, or can cause teratogenesis
  • special handling is necessary during delivery (type of delivery, method of anesthesia)

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