Music therapy

Music therapy is a relatively new treatment method. It is a form of creative therapy with excellent results.

The Department

During therapy sessions in the Music Psychotherapy Department of MITERA Children’s Hospital, the therapist and the child –that is not necessary to have specific knowledge of music- are improvising together and make music. The therapist and the child together create a unique music happening that reveals the child’s personality and its needs. Then the therapist is able to help the little patient to restore its emotional health and communicative skills.

Music therapy is addressed to individuals with either none or reduced ability to communicate with words (such as individuals with developmental disorders and pediatric neurological disorders) or individuals with emotional difficulties, psychological problems and psychiatric disorders.

Here’s something worth noting: the hospitalization of a little child can seriously affect its emotional state and bring out emotions that either make them uncomfortable or adversely affect its therapy. Music therapy, as supportive treatment, can help the child to overcome its emotions or its fears.

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