Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease Surgical Department

It is well known that in our country a significant percentage of the children’s population suffers from various heart diseases. These heart diseases appear more frequently after birth (congenital heart diseases) or even at a later stage (acquired heart diseases). For their treatment, it is sometimes necessary to perform cardiosurgical operations. In some cases, more than one of these operations are necessary to be performed over the years.

Both cardiosurgical operations and cardiology monitoring should be performed in a specialized centre from specialized doctors and staff.

The Pediatric Cardiology – Cardiosurgery Department of MITERA Children’s Hospital was founded in order to offer this kind of specialized nursing. Our primary goal is to ensure recovery of the child’s health with safety and optimum long term results.

Our basic philosophy is summarized by the following quote: “We join our forces for a common goal: a healthy heart for all children”.

Known and renowned doctors have contributed to the establishment of this Clinic. These doctors have significant expertise in treating such heart diseases both in children and adult patients.