Welcome Mitera: Greece’s leading mother and child hospital

We are delighted that JCI accredited Hygeia Group has added Mitera Hospital to its Accredited Service Provider status within the International Assistance Group.

A neighbouring campus of the cornerstone Hygeia Hospital in Athens, both Hospitals belong to the biggest healthcare provider group in Greece called HHG (Hellenic Healthcare Group) operating 6 hospitals in total in the country.

MITERA has been operating since 1979 and has been offering comprehensive primary and secondary healthcare services to women, children and families. It operates as a General Hospital, as a Maternity/Gynaecological Hospital and as a Children’s Hospital, one of the most comprehensive private children’s hospital in Greece.

The very word ‘Mitera’ is Greek for ‘mother’.

In Athens and on the mainland, MITERA is a trusted and regular provider to foreign embassies, international corporations and institutions, as well as domestic and global insurers. The extensive range, and quality, of its capabilities provide a one-stop solution for families irrespective of the medical challenge.

For Greece’s numerous islands, MITERA’s existence along with HYGEIA Hospital is critical in providing a level of expertise not possible in those smaller, more remote populations. Their fleet of fully equipped critical care ground ambulances provides a quick and seamless admission and support, day or night, air ambulance transfers arranged by specialist providers and assistance companies.

Alongside excellent clinical care, MITERA has a focus on patient and family support and comfort. The International Patient Service Team of MITERA acts as the first point of contact, making the necessary arrangements with clinical departments and specialists. Every patient receives a personal level of accommodation and families, in particular, are provided with extensive facilities, including concierge styles services for the patient as well discounted room rates to nearby hotels for patient’s relatives. A dedicated VIP section at MITERA, offers various VIP suites including the luxurious Presidential Suite for those requiring a higher level of privacy and personal care.