The first Integrated Breast Clinic in Greece supported by Cambridge

In the context of integrating and expanding its services, MITERA paves the way in Greece through the establishment of the first integrated Breast Clinic in a private hospital. In this attempt MITERA has the exclusive cooperation of upmost breast surgeons of the University Hospital of Cambridge.

The Managing Director of MITERA Mr. Alexios Komninos during a Press Conference held on Tuesday May 27th 2010 stated that “The Cambridge Breast Clinic of MITERA introduces a new era for breast issues in Greece through the adoption of the high quality clinical experience and know-how from the University Clinic of Cambridge as regards the implementation of all the state-of-the art diagnostic and treatment techniques focused on breast cancer”. Mr. A. Komninos added that “The strategic plan of the HYGEIA Group includes the establishment of Departments/Clinics that would serve as Reference Centers in Greece and abroad providing integrated health services in cutting edge issues of the health science”.

The Manager of the Cambridge Breast Unit of the Cambridge University Hospital who is also Head of the new Cambridge Breast Clinic of MITERA, Professor Gordon Wishart underlined that “The advantage of the new MITERA Clinic is that women will undergo three diagnostic-related assessments, that are clinical examination, breast ultrasound or mammography and biopsy, if needed, in just one visit. At the end of this visit, the woman will receive a comprehensive report including all the examination results and the doctors’ opinion. This triple assessment method that follows the protocols and guidelines of the Cambridge Breast Clinic provides diagnostic precision of about 100%”.

In the case that surgery is deemed as necessary, the Clinic’s Staff that includes doctors of all relevant breast specialties, is familiar with all cutting edge surgical methods such as sentinel node biopsy and promptly performed breast reconstruction surgery.

All staff employed in the Cambridge Breast Clinic of MITERA currently receives special training at the University of Cambridge as regards the management of patients suffering from breast-related diseases in accordance with international protocols, in order to form a Greek, highly competent, leading team.

Moreover, the new Clinic is on line with the corresponding unit in Cambridge and therefore is able to cross-reference all medical findings.

Through the know-how and protocols adoption, the Cambridge Breast Clinic of MITERA aims in becoming a Reference and Specialization Center for breast in Greece.