The Board of Directors of MITERA S.A. announces the successful purchase of the majority of the shares of the LITO HOLDINGS S.A.

The Board of Directors of MITERA S.A. announces the successful purchase of the majority of the shares of the LITO HOLDINGS S.A.

In particular, MITERA, which has a strategic participation since 2000 with a 34% shares in the “Obstetrics, Gynaecological and Surgical Centre, LITO S.A.”, bought the majority shares of the LITO HOLDINGS and therefore it has now in its possession 86% of the shares and voting rights in LITO S.A.

LITO is the oldest of the still operating obstetrics and gynaecology clinics in Greece with a capacity of 120 beds and with an active presence in the sector for 37 years and it has always been a leader in matters of the provision of quality health services. LITO employs about 270 people, nursing and administration personnel and it collaborates with more than 300 physicians of high scientific level, mainly with obstetricians- gynaecologists but also with doctors of other specialties.

The newly established alliance MITERA-LITO serves now more than 16 000 labours per year, providing at the same time comprehensive diagnostic and nursing services to the cases of general and paediatrics clinic in two separate modern clinics in Athens with a total capacity of more than 500 beds.

The synergies that will come up from the close partnership of these two companies are expected to produce important additional benefits for the new scheme, since:

  • there is an important increase in the share of the partnership in the market of Health sector in Greece, covering more than 50% of the total obstetrics activity in Athens;
  • this partnership forms the ideal conditions for the collaboration with other physicians, securing the provision of high quality medical services to their patients;
  • it creates the prospective for a dynamic development course.

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