Revolutionary heart operation in a 3-month-old infant

A revolutionary in Greece and extremely rare for the international standards operation has been successfully performed in the Paediatric Cardiological Clinic of the MITERA Hospital. A 3-month-old infant suffering from sustained tachycardias, resistant to any drug combination, underwent an invasive treatment for arrhythmias by the radiofrequency catheter ablation method.

As the attendant doctor, Mr. Ioannis Papayannis, paediatric cardiologist, stated “The operation is performed using a special catheter which is introduced into the heart through a vein (non-invasively). After the mapping of the electrical system of the heart, the catheter is advanced to the point which causes tachycardia and administers high-frequency current.”

The operation was very successful and the little patient, who was facing an immediate life-threatening risk, is now in his parents’ arms and ready to go back home.

This operation is mainly performed in elder children and adults, while it has been rarely performed in infants worldwide. MITERA is the only private hospital in Greece having a specialized Paediatric Haemodynamic and Electrophysical Laboratory in its Paediatric Cardiological Clinic, directed by Mr. Ioannis Papayannis, paediatric cardiologist. The hospital also includes a Paediatric Cardiosurgical Clinic, directed by Mr. Georgios Sarris, and an Paediatric Cardiosurgical Intensive Care Unit, directed by Mr. Georgios Kyrvassilis.