New MITERA Board of Directors and constitution of Executive Committee

In the framework of the partnership between MITERA S.A. General, Obstetrics-Gynecology & And Pediatrics Clinic and the D.T.C.A. HYGEIA and according to their announced intentions the two companies proceeded to the constitution of the new Board of Directors including nine members and the Executive Committee of MITERA including 6 members.

Composition of the new Board of Directors:

1. Konstantinos Stavrou  : President
2. Theophanis Stathis : 1st Vice-President and Secretary
3. Gregorios Samouilides: 2nd Vice-president
4. Dimitrios Papayannis : Managing Director
5. Georgios Politis :  Managinf Director
6.Pavlos Papacostas : Board of Directors Member
7.Alexios Komninos : Board of Directors Member
8.Themistocles Charamis: Board of Directors Member
9. Paschalis Bouchoris :     Board of Directors member.

The participation of Mr. Themistocles Charamis and Mr. Paschalis Bouchoris, members of HYGEIA Board of Directors, in the new MITERA Board of Directors marks the new cooperation between the two companies at a Group level.

Composition of the Executive Committee:

1)  Themistocles Charamis , President
2) Konstantinos Stavrou, Member
3) Paschalis Bouchoris, Member
4) Areti Souvatzoglou, Member
5) Georgios Politis, Member
6) Dimitrios Papayannis, Member,

The Executive Committee shall ensure the more efficient and effective function of the organization chart of the Company  as well as the coordination of the activities at a Group level..