New CEOs for MITERA and LETO

HYGEIA Group is pleased to announce that Mr. Nikos Papadimitriou who served as the CEO of LETO is now promoted to the position of MITERA’s CEO since Mr. Om. Smirliadis withdrawal.

Moreover, HYGEIA Group announces the promotion of Mr. Georgios Skourtis who served as the Financial Director of LETO to the position of LETO CEO.

The long experience of both above mentioned executives of our Group of companies in administrative and financial positions in the Health Sector should contribute to the improvement of MITERA and LETO services and will actively support the future development of our Group of companies.

At the same time, the promotion of these two executives supports the Group’s policy to source executives from within the Group.

We welcome Mr. N. Papadimitriou and Mr. G. Skourtis to their new appointments and we wish them to succeed to their mission.