New Board of Directors

The “GENERAL, MATERNITY & CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL MITERA S.A.” announces the reconstitution of its Board of Directors, as decided at a BoD meeting held on September 26th, 2008. After Mr. Paschalis Bouchoris’s resignation from his position as a BoD Member, Mrs. Areti Souvatzoglou has been unanimously elected as a new Member.

Consequently, the new Board of Directors consists of:

  1. Konstantinos Stavrou: Chairman of BoD
  2. Theophanis Stathis: A’ Vice President & General Secretary
  3. Grigorios Samoulides: B’ Vice President
  4. Komninos-Alexios Komninos: Managing Director
  5. Themistocles Charamis: Member of BoD
  6. Georgios Politis: Member of BoD
  7. Dimitrios Papagiannis: Member of BoD
  8. Pavlos Papakostas: Member of BoD
  9. Areti Souvatzoglou: Member of BoD