New Board of Directors and Executive Committee for D.T.C.A. HYGEIA

During the meeting held on October 1st 2007 and for the implementation of the agreement concerning the merging with «MITERA S.A.» the Board of Directors of «D.T.C.A. HYGEIA S.A.» elected unanimously Mr. Konstantinos Dimitriou Stavrou (President of MITERA S.A. Board of Directors) and Mr. Ioannis Evangelou Zervos as Members of the Board of Directors to replace the resigned members Mr. Fotios Karatzenis and Ms Aikaterini Leventi. . The designation of the new members shall be submitted for approval to the next Shareholders General Assembly.

Following the aforementioned changes in its composition, the Board of Directors held a constituent meeting in order to proceed to the division of powers. Following the proposal of the Chairman, Mr. Vgenopoulos the Board of Directors unanimously elected by secret ballot Mr. Konstantinos D. Stavrou as the Company’s President, Mr Andreas Ev. Vgenopoulos as Vice-President and Mr. Paschalis A. Bouchoris as Managing Director.

As the Company’s statutes do not provide for a 2nd Vice-President Mr. Themistocles Charamis was designated as executive member of the Board of Directors with all the powers he had as Vice-President of the Company. Mr. Themistocles Charamis was also designated President of the Executive Committee. Mr. Konstantinos Stavrou, Mr. Andreas Vgenopoulos, Mr. Paschalis Bouchoris and Ms Areti Souvatzoglou are also members of the Executive Committee.

The Board of Directors decided to convoke immediately an Extraordinary Shareholders General Assembly in order to discuss the amendment of the statutes and the creation of a position of 2nd Vice-President, which will be occupied by Mr. Themistocles Charamis.