MITERA Pediatric Clinic offers health insurance to all newborns of MITERA and LETO Maternity Hospitals

HYGEIA Group announced that in collaboration with the ETHNIKI Insurance Company the MITERA Pediatric Clinic offers a health insurance plan to all the 17,500 children born annually in MITERA and LETO, free of insurance premiums for the 1st year of their life.

This offer expands the existing collaboration between HYGEIA Hospital and
MITERA Pediatric Clinic with the ETHNIKI Insurance Company and is considered as a very significant offer for children that are born in the Maternity hospitals of HYGEIA Group.

“HYGEIA Group has always tried and managed to enter agreements with selected and reliable insurance companies”, announced Mr. Themistocles Charamis, Managing Director of HYGEIA Group, during a Press Conference held on Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 at the “Nicholaos Louros” Lecture Hall of MITERA. “Under these strategic collaborations we have developed new products and services both with the insurance company of MIG Group, “Marfin Life”, and now with the ETHNIKI Insurance Company. Through these products we intend to embrace large populations providing them with substantial and beneficial services.”

Mr. Doukas Palaiologos, Chairman & Managing Director of the ETHNIKI Insurance Company also stated: “As a leading company in the insurance industry, ETHNIKI Insurance Company designed in collaboration with HYGEIA Group this health and hospital insurance plan for newborns. The objective is rather clear, we want Greeks to get insured from the very first moment of their life; in this way, not only do they get insurance coverage but they also obtain insurance awareness which will be valuable for the rest of their life.”

Mr. Alexios Komninos, Managing Director of MITERA, commented about the services offered by the Pediatric Clinic: “MITERA Pediatric Clinic, which treats more than 4,000 children annually and handles more than 32,000 cases in its outpatient department, is now an integrated Pediatric Hospital. It has a Pediatric Cardiologic and Cardiosurgical Clinic, unique to Greece in a Private Pediatric Hospital, a unique integrated Paediatric Ophthalmology Department and offers many other innovative services. With this plan we provide the 13,000 children born in our Maternity Hospital with free hospitalization in the MITERA Pediatric Clinic. We consider it to be an important offer to the families which place their trust in our clinic.”

As a representative of LETO, Mr. Leonidas Papadopoulos, Gynecologist-Obstetrician and Managing Director of LETO Maternity Clinic, stated: “We are very pleased that as members of HYGEIA Group we can offer such a significant “gift of life” to all 4,500 newborns in our Maternity Hospital for their 1st year of life. From my point of view and as a doctor, we all know well that a child’s first year is the most difficult period both for parents and the child itself”.

The new “Gift of Life” health insurance plan provides children with insurance and hospitalization in MITERA Pediatric Clinic, with a 15% cost sharing for the insured and a maximum coverage limit of €173,000 per case. The plan offers free insurance premiums for the child’s 1st year of life. After the 1st year, the child’s family has the option to extend the insurance coverage under preferential annual premiums.