MITERA Paediatrics Clinic’s contract with Ethniki Asfalistiki

Within the framework of the continuous improvement and development, MITERA Paediatrics Clinic proceeded with collaboration with ETHNIKI ASFALISTIKI.

MITERA Paediatrics Clinic is the only Paediatrics Hospital that has a contract with the Ethniki Asfalistiki network, according to which people insured by them have a full and immediate coverage.

The MITERA Paediatrics Clinic with a license for 99 beds, Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and 24-hour operation of the outpatient department, is operating since 2003 in a separate building next to the MITERA General-Obstetrics Clinic offering Primary, Secondary and Tertiary health care and covering a wide range of Clinical Paediatrics subspecialties.

During the four years of 2003-2006, the MITERA Paediatrics Clinic has offered its hospitalization services to more than 8575 paediatric cases, 40% of which were subjected to surgery. Surgical operations during this period reached 5000 cases and apart from paediatric surgery and ORL cases they include ophthalmogical and orthopaedic cases.
During the same period, the outpatients’ department of the Hospital treated more than 56,000 cases.

MITERA Paediatrics Clinic has signed contracts for inpatients and outpatients with public insurance funds, such as Greek Federation of Self-Managed Health Insurance Funds, Civil Servant’s Fund (OPAD), Pension & Self-Insurance Fund of Employees in the Hygienic Sector, Engineers & Public Constructors Pension Fund, Athens and Piraeus Lawyers Fund, City Council and Community Employees’ Health Fund, Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP) Pension Fund, Public Power Corporation (PPC) Pension Fund, etc.

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