MITERA Paediatric Clinic: Successfully stands among the eight Pediatric Cardiosurgical Centres in Europe with certified surgical results

The Paediatric Cardiosurgical Department of MITERA Paediatric Clinic, HYGEIA Group, successfully completed the verification of its exceptional surgical results by the European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery (EACTS).

With this certificate, that is unique to Greece, MITERA Paediatric Clinic is included among the eight large European Paediatric Cardiosurgical Centres with verified surgical results.

The validation committee of EACTS was impressed by the modern infrastructure, top organization, and the excellent surgical results of Mr. Sarris’s team who is the Director of the Paediatric Cardiosurgical Department, as well as by the completeness and accuracy of the submitted data. As a result, the European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery Data Verification Certificate was issued.

Launched in April 2008, MITERA Paediatric Cardiosurgical Department has been established by Mr. G. Sarris, Director of Paediatric Cardiosurgical Department, Mr. I. Papayiannis, Director of Paediatric Cardiological Department, and Mr. G. Kyrvassilis, Director of the Peadiatric Anaesthesiology Department and Pediatric Cardiosurgery ICU, and is staffed with experienced medical, nursing and technical personnel.

The successful verification of the MITERA Paediatric Cardiosurgical Clinic surgical results is part of the Management’s commitment and of the doctors’, technicians’ and nurses’ dedication to offering high-quality and constantly improved services to children with heart problems.