MITERA in International Partnership for Individualized Treatment of Rare Tumors

Direct access to innovative treatment options 

With a deep sense of responsibility, MITERA lays the foundations for individualized treatment of patients with neuroendocrine and rare tumors. The MITERA Oncology Clinic and its Director Dr. Ilias Athanasiadis have entered into a partnership with Professor Christos Toumpanakis, Consultant in Gastroenterology and Neuroendocrine Tumors at University College of London (UCL), and the Neuroendocrine Tumour Unit, Royal Free Hospital, London. 

This new partnership aims to offer patients comprehensive medical care, by choosing and applying the most suitable treatment strategy, as well as giving them access to all the internationally available treatments. 

The multidisciplinary neuroendocrine tumor team is staffed with MITERA and HYGEIA specialists (medical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, general surgeons, radiation oncologists). The HYGEIA Nuclear Medicine Department has a pivotal role, leading the way in DOTA-TATE PET and the therapeutic application of PRRT (Peptide Receptor Nucleotide Therapy). So the partnership and the quality of patient care are enhanced by the high-level of technology at HYGEIA and MITERA hospitals, which provide access to the latest diagnostic and treatment options for neuroendocrine tumors.  

Commenting on this new partnership, the Director of the MITERA Oncology Clinic, Dr. Ilias E. Athanasiadis, stated, “Despite still being considered rare tumors, the incidence of neuroendocrine tumors has been on the rise in the last few years, and their treatment requires early diagnosis, clinical experience and direct access to innovative treatment options. The high scientific level and credibility of our oncology team, coupled with our partnership with the other specialties, form the foundation for modern and dedicated care. The cutting-edge technology adopted by the HHG can support the needs for the latest diagnostic and treatment approaches. Lastly, the internationally recognized Neuroendocrine Tumour Unit of the Royal Free Hospital guarantees the support of a leading scientific and clinical team, which paves the way in this field.”  

The Consultant at the Neuroendocrine Tumour Unit, Royal Free Hospital, Professor Christos Toumpanakis, noted, “Neuroendocrine tumors are rare and complex neoplasms. Early diagnosis and referral to dedicated units, which consist of doctors of multiple specialties, are the key to choosing the right treatment and extending patient survival. These units guarantee the fast and detailed assessment of patient medical tests and the provision of individualized treatment, aiming to control the symptoms and the progression of the disease, while maintaining the patients’ quality of life. Our Unit and the Multidisciplinary Neuroendocrine Tumour Team at Royal Free Hospital, London, the largest center of excellence, with 22 years of experience in handling more than 3,000 patients and access to all the internationally available treatments, hails and supports this new initiative by the top-level MITERA Oncology Clinic and Multidisciplinary Team. My partners and I are extremely pleased that we will be working with our Greek colleagues, and will share our know-how and experience, to the benefit of Greek patients.”  

Professor Christos Toumpanakis, MD, PhD, FRCP, FEBGH, AGAF, is a professor of Gastroenterology at University College London (UCL), and chair of the advisory board of the European Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (ENETS), responsible for coordinating the European guidelines and the education and research programs. He has lectured at several international conferences and seminars, and has also won the “Top-Teacher of the Year” Award from students of Medicine. He has published more than 100 articles in renowned international scientific journals, while he is among the key researchers in international clinical studies on new treatments for neuroendocrine tumors. 

Dr. Ilias Athanasiadis, MD, is a Medical Oncologist and Director of the MITERA Oncology Clinic, trained in Medical Oncology at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago. While living in the USA, he was awarded by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) for his research activities. He has also conducted extensive research on targeted and innovative treatments. He participates in international conferences and training seminars for students and new oncologists. He has been supporting oncologic care for many years, by working closely with all medical specialties and through oncology councils, in the context of multidisciplinary care.