MITERA: Groundbreaking cryomyolysis applied for the first time in Greece to treat uterine adenomyosis

The first minimally invasive cryomyolysis procedure in Greece was recently carried out at MITERA Hospital by Dr. Marios Markopoulos, Obstetrician/Gynecologist, specializing in Cryomyolysis and Endoscopic Surgery, and Scientific Associate at MITERA. The procedure was performed to treat a patient suffering from uterine adenomyosis and fibroids. 

The treatment was carried out laparoscopically, was bloodless and painless, and the patient returned home on the same day, after a short hospitalization at MITERA. The patient’s symptoms improved immediately after the first menstruation following treatment.  

Compared to conventional open and laparoscopic surgery for adenomyosis and fibroids, cryomyolysis is much shorter as a procedure, is bloodless, there is no postoperative pain, and it only requires short hospitalization of a few hours. The benefits of the method also include avoiding morbidity and the possible complications of major or radical surgery (removal of adenomyosis, fibroids or uterus), and faster recovery and return to daily activities, while cryomyolysis respects the wish of many women to preserve their uterus 

As Dr. Marios Markopoulos, Scientific Associate at MITERA, noted, “The right fibroid and adenomyosis treatment for each woman must be individualized and various factors must be taken into account. MITERA currently applies the groundbreaking cryomyolysis procedure, using special equipment and a surgeon with dedicated training and experience in this technique, aiming at maximum efficiency and safe treatment for every patient.