«Medical Adoption on behalf of the MITERA Paediatrics Clinic»

«Medical Adoption on behalf of the MITERA Paediatrics Clinic»


With great sensibility and understanding of the important work it does, the MITERA Paediatrics Clinic medically “adopted” on “Mother’s Day” Sunday, 13th of May, two children from the Kivotos Charity Foundation.

In particular, as it was broadcasted on the occasion of “Mother’s Day” by show Studio Alpha and journalist Mr. Nikos Manesis, these two children receive the following:

  • medical visits and diagnostic examinations in the outpatients department of the MITERA Paediatrics Clinic for free, until the age of 14.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Ethniki Asfalistiki, these children are offered

  •  a hospitalization package of unlimited coverage free for a year, for every health issue that may come up requiring hospitalization in the MITERA Paediatrics Clinic.

The offer of the MITERA Paediatrics Clinic was gladly accepted by the head officers of the “KIVOTOS” Foundation.

During a live broadcast in Alpha’s program presented by Mr Manesis, Distinguished Professor of Paediatrics and Scientific Manager of the MITERA Paediatrics Clinic, Mr. Christos Bartsokas stated that: “We wish and hope that within the framework of the hospital’s social responsibility the MITERA Paediatrics Clinic shall always be able to stand by more and more children who need help and support.”

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