HYGEIA Group: Multifaceted Social Contribution – 2016 CSR Report

HYGEIA Group unveiled its 5th consecutive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, which records the responsible business conduct that distinguishes all of the Group activities.

The 2016 CSR Report is the first to have been prepared in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, Core level, and is accompanied by a statement from an independent auditor providing assurance as to this.

The 2016 CSR Report presents as transparently as possible information on the Group hospitals (HYGEIA, MITERA, LETO and HYGEIA Tirana) and Y-LOGIMED, a company trading in medical supplies and special materials. It also includes detailed information on the actions undertaken by the Group in terms of the four key CSR axes it has identified: Economy, Employees, Society and Environment.

This Report includes the entire range of the Group activities and essentially reflects its strong commitment to continue to invest on the human factor and the professional development of its employees, despite the adverse conditions in Greek entrepreneurship. It also demonstrates its pledge to promote public health, as well as undertake actions with the purpose of protecting the environment.

Commenting on this new Report, HYGEIA Group CEO Mr Andreas Kartapanis noted, “At HYGEIA Group, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility forms part of our strategic planning, since we have understood that the growth of our Group is inexorably interwoven with society, the environment, our employees and the national economy. All of us undoubtedly strive to protect and promote health, in all the facets of our activities.”

The new HYGEIA Group CSR Report was published and distributed to all the shareholders during the recent Annual General Meeting, and provided well-rounded information to all interested parties. It is also available on the Group company websites: www.hygeia.grwww.mitera.grwww.leto.grwww.hygeia.al and www.y-logimed.gr.