HYGEIA Group: Invitation to the 1st Rhinoplasty Meeting in Greece

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the 1st Rhinoplasty Meeting in Greece, to be held on Saturday October 14, 2017. The event is hosted by the MITERA Functional & Reconstructive Nasal Surgery Department, in partnership with the HYGEIA Endoscopic Paranasal & Skull Base Surgery Department.

It will be a specialized and detailed presentation of all the new trends and modern techniques for cosmetic, functional and reconstructive rhinoplasty, aiming to offer valuable insights into the latest developments in the field.

The event will include nose reconstruction techniques after accidents or previous rhinoplasties using rib cartilage grafts, as well as an array of other procedures currently performed successfully at HYGEIA.

New techniques will also be announced on the restoration of nasal valve deficiencies, which currently forms a major part of functional rhinoplasty, helping in treating sleep apnea.

Prominent Greek and international guests, including Pietro Palma, Fazil Apaydin and Frederick Menick, will speak at the event. The foreign guests will present all the latest developments in rhinoplasty for the first time in Greece.

The event will be held in the N. Louros Conference Center, MITERA Hospital. The starting time is 8am and admission is free.

Organized by:

Argiro Kypraiou, ENT Surgeon, Department Director, MITERA Hospital Functional & Reconstructive Nasal Surgery Department.

Christos Georgalas, ENT Specialist, Department Director, HYGEIA Hospital Endoscopic Paranasal & Skull Base Surgery.