HYGEIA Group Hospitals among the Best Hospitals Worldwide 2014

HYGEIA, MITERA and HYGEIA TIRANA hospitals are among the best hospitals in the world, after receiving the Best Hospitals Worldwide 2014 Certificate by the Diplomatic Council (DC), a foundation that follows the principles of the United Nations Charter.

This distinction is the highest qualification standard of the Diplomatic Council and is awarded to healthcare units that successfully meet the needs of foreign patients, while encompassing medical specialties and state-of-the-art departments that cover the entire range of medical services.

The HYGEIA Group hospitals will also be officially recommended by the Diplomatic Council to embassies and consulates around the world for the top-level services they offer. The certified hospitals are also appointed valued members of the Diplomatic Council, which is a Global Think Tank following the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
The Best Hospitals Worldwide 2014 award complements the certification first awarded in Greece to HYGEIA Group by TEMOS, the only organization certifying medical tourism services worldwide.

HYGEIA Group’s CEO, Ms Areti Souvatzoglou, noted, “We are extremely proud of this recognition, which reflects the top quality of the medical services offered in our hospitals. This certification is yet another recognition of the efforts expended by the Management, as well as the medical and nursing staff, and offers us an added incentive to continue our efforts, further upgrading the level of the healthcare services we offer.”

A few words about the Diplomatic Council
The Diplomatic Council (DC) is headquartered in The Hague and is a Global Think Tank. Its members include personalities from diplomatic circles, politics, industry, culture and sports.
It was established to serve as a Non-Governmental Think Tank Organization (NGO) and follows the principles of the Charter of the United Nations Organization. The DC network encompasses more than 5,000 personalities worldwide.
The main aim of the DC is to contribute the power of diplomacy for peace everywhere on earth. Worldwide cooperation is the only instrument which may help in solving international problems on any level: economic, social, cultural or humanitarian. The respect of human rights and fundamental freedom of people without differentiation in races, gender or religion should be cultivated and strengthened.